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Tallinn may be a hidden hipster hotspot, but one of the undeniable highlights of Tallinn is its good food and excellent restaurants. It is located on the Baltic Sea, in the heart of the Estonian capital and is the second largest city in Estonia after Helsinki.

Breathtaking views and carefully designed interiors create a culinary experience that will last, and tempting seasonal dishes prepared by internationally renowned chefs could entice you to the best restaurants in Tallinn. Contemporary cuisine, which reinterprets the flavours of truly Estonian products, creates a cosy atmosphere in the restaurants. If you're looking for a great evening with live music and great food, look no further than the restaurant at the top of the list.

If you are reading this and would like to do something geeky in Tallinn, please let us know in the comments below.

This list of restaurants in Tallinn is a very small and modest selection compared to the above mentioned, beautiful guide. The purpose of this list is to give you an idea of where to eat in Tallinna, and I hope you will still enjoy the recommendations. If you have visited the city recently and have any other recommendations for restaurants in Tallinn, please let us know in the comments below. So here are 10 cherry varieties - selected places for you to eat, which I personally love and can wholeheartedly recommend.

This restaurant is on many lists of the best restaurants in Tallinn and is a great place to dine. This is probably the one I recommend when visiting Tallinna as a vegan, as there are just so many options. Take a look at this map of all the restaurants in Tallina, all the stars you see are places mentioned in the restaurant guide.

If you are interested in investing in Tallinn or any other city and need more details, we can help you. Eating in Tallinn is one of the most exciting things to experience in Tallinn, and it encourages minimal waste and sustainable travel, while making you feel comfortable doing all the hipster alternatives you can do in and around Tallinna while you're doing them.

It seemed only right to share some of the amazing dishes we had in one of Tallinn's most popular restaurants in recent weeks. Here are some of our favourite dishes from the best restaurants in Tallinn and some tips and tricks for your next trip.

Our love for Estonia goes far beyond the cheap restaurants in Tallinn, but they alone provide reason enough to enjoy a trip to the country. We found the fine food in some of them as good as we could pay in Frankfurt, and the rest included the return trip, which paid for itself. However, we found that the high-quality food was apparently processed at a price of between $6 and $12. That is why we received so many compliments for the above mentioned Tallinn restaurants, as well as a number of tips and tricks.

Outside Tallinn, there are not many restaurants specialising in Estonian cuisine, but that does not mean they do not serve local dishes. Estonian cuisine is influenced by the country, but not defined and influenced by another country. If you are wondering where to eat in Tallinn, you will be surprised by the wide range of options that go beyond traditional Estonian cuisine. Dining in Tallinn is a must and you should eat for your own experience, regardless of the price.

This is not difficult in Tallinn, where the best restaurants have created a vibrant and emerging restaurant scene. Rataskaevu 16 is one of the must-have restaurants in Tallinn and if you are wondering how to eat in a pepperbag without compromising on the quality of food and service, it is a pleasant surprise.

NOP is perhaps the best place for brunch in Tallinn and the perfect place to refill before visiting Kadriorg Park. If you want to drink a local liqueur like the Vana or a "Tallinn libation," there are many Tall Estonia bars where you can wet your pipe. The Sveta Baar is obviously one of the most popular restaurants in the city center with a wide selection of food and drinks. Located on the way to the city centre, this is a perfect place when beer lovers have time to kill in Tallinn.

This café has been open since 1864 and is known for the production of marzipan, which was invented in Tallinn in the Middle Ages.

Tallinn is a popular city - a destination for excursions, and the food in it is relatively cheap, so of course you will find restaurants that offer modern Estonian and international dishes, with an emphasis on local products. Sesoon is everything that is a modern restaurant in Estonia, but also in this restaurant where guests have to prepare themselves to pay European prices. Reflecting on the history of the city and its cultural heritage, as well as its unique cuisine, Cru tried to strike the perfect balance between classic and modern cuisine, making the restaurant a truly timeless experience.

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