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Invisible in Tallinn, Estonia, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also the second largest city in Estonia.

Tallinn is often called the most beautiful city in the Baltic States, for many reasons, but it is also one of the best cities in Estonia when it comes to travel. At an altitude of 8 metres, a day trip from Tallinn to Jagala offers a great opportunity to experience life in the Estonian capital. A trip to Tallinn can easily be combined with a bus, train or even hotel stay.

For many people, a day trip to Tallinn is connected with a ferry that only takes about 2 hours each way. From Rostock, take the Eurostar or train to Tartu, the capital of Estonia and the second largest city in the Baltic States.

If you can spend more than one day in Tallinn, there are many other interesting things to do in Tartu. Estonian city, many people make an excursion to the old town of Tartus, the second largest city of the Baltic states. What you see in Tallinn in one day is not limited to the Old Town or even the city centre.

If you are looking for an alternative way to see Tallinn in one day, I would recommend visiting Telliskivi, the creative district. If you want to leave the medieval flair of Tallinn Ninn, it would be a good day trip for you. The most popular place in Estonia is the capital of Tallinn and the centre of medieval architecture. This is not the first time you have been to Tallinn, Estonia, but it is a big city and it is one of the biggest cities in the Baltic States.

If you are travelling with children, the Tallinn Seaplane and Harbour Museum is a great option. But it is also a great place for people of all ages, so that It is also a good choice for children.

If you want to visit the old town of Tallinn, you can follow your Tallinn route for 3 days and see what many travelers unfortunately miss and enjoy your visit. The museum gives you a good idea of what you will experience in the centre of Tallini and offers you a great view of the city centre. It is truly the epitome of European charm and has more to offer than a day trip can comfortably cover, but if you stay overnight, it is worth offering something else.

If you want to spend an extra day in Tallinn and experience saunas in an Estonian way, Kalamaja is a sauna tour in Estonia and Lahemaa National Park, which are only 45 minutes away from Tallinna. So raise a glass and say a tervisek cheer on a great day to explore and have a good night in downtown.

This cycling tour takes you from the city centre to Lahemaa National Park in less than an hour and a half by bike.

Then you will return to your hotel and then to the airport where you will check in for your international flight. If you want to plan your own Tallinn adventure, make sure you plan a full day to explore Estonia's capital. There are 3 days in Tallinna, but you can choose whether to continue travelling independently in Estonia or extend your stay in Tallinn. Then there is the possibility to include Pirita and the Estonian History Museum in your Tallins itinerary. So if you are travelling to Tallini on a budget or are not sure where to go, you can leave the Tallina Free Tour at the end of your trip and travel independently to Estonia.

Tallinn is a really exciting city, but of course there are many other things to see and do, such as the free Tallina Tour, Pirita and the Estonian History Museum in Tallinna, as well as other attractions.

This is one of the coolest cities to reach from the Baltic Sea, but you can only book it in the UK via Warsaw, where you have to buy a ticket to Vilnius. Then you need a train ticket from Warsaw to Tallinna and then over land to Estonia, connected by train to Rostock in Germany.

In any case, it is easy to book a seat for Tallinn at 8 a.m. and then return to Helsinki. If you cross Helsinki by ferry to Tallinna, the journey time can be up to 3 hours, but rest assured that if you are planning a day trip to Tallinn, the ferry line runs 7 times a day. Come at 7 pm and, if possible, rest in your own room, as you do on 7-day trips a week, so you can relax.

Tallinn is a popular destination for backpackers from other Nordic capitals, so you will have no trouble finding a hostel in Tallinn. If you visit it, you will find the experience much more rewarding if you find accommodation inside or outside the old town.

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More About Tallinn